Wednesday, March 24, 2010

project idea: toy workbench

When Alma was about 18 months old, I made her a play kitchen out of an old cabinet and other recycled materials. She still uses it, and Jasper (now 11 months) does too. This summer, once we've fixed up the little corncrib in the back yard into a play house, I think the kitchen is headed to the play house. Which led me to think about what else should be in the play house... and I think a work bench is in order. The kids certainly see lots of construction/building/sawing/etc. work going on around the house, so it seems a natural for our family.

BUT I can't find good examples of DIY play workbenches out there on the internets. The kids' design blog Ohdeedoh posts examples of DIY play kitchens every day (or so it seems). There is a Flickr group dedicated to DIY play kitchens. But play workbenches? Not so much. So far, I've found a play kitchen that can convert to a workbench (but there are no photos of what the workbench would look like).

And I found one (YES just ONE!) example on flickr.

Hmm. I've found play workbenches for sale (like this one), which is helpful but I need ideas for a homemade version.

I'm thinking pegboard needs to be involved. What else? We've got a toy tool set and could get some more. But that's accessorizing. Hmmm.