Monday, May 9, 2011

Moon Man!

Moon Man! by liberrian
Moon Man!, a photo by liberrian on Flickr.

One of Jasper's favorite books is Tomi Ungerer's Moon Man. For his birthday I made him a Moon Man. Here is is! It took a little trial-and-error to get the shape right (or at least not laughable), but it was a success--Jasper immediately knew who it was and has slept with it every night ever since.

garden frolic

garden frolic by liberrian
garden frolic, a photo by liberrian on Flickr.

Alma got a new dress, right before Easter. The top is a Gymboree t-shirt, attached to a patchwork twirl skirt made of 6" squares cut from a lovely fabric bundle from Fabricworm. I've made a few dresses for Alma of this type over the years, originally based on a pattern from IndieTutes back in 2007.Link

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Fingerless Mittens

I done knit up a pair fingerless mittens, a gift for my husband Tom:
Tom's new fingerless mittens (but on my hands)Tom's new fingerless mittens (but on my hands)
(note: above model is not Tom. 'Tis me. He was sleeping during the photo session.)
I have a similar pair myself, and I like how they let me do a lot more than I can usually do with gloves on. And now that I have joined the ranks of the smartphoners, it's quite handy to be able to operate my phone while still keeping relatively warm.
The design is a meld of the mittens pattern in Ann Budd's The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns, my fingerless mittens (store bought), and a little improvisation. They have some cables on the back of the hand, stockinette stitch under the fingers, and 2x2 ribbing around the wrist.
Plus they match the hat I made him before Christmas:
Christmas morning in Hadley