Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Getting started

Hopefully this is not yet another started, but not-to-be-completed project.

I've been working on lots of projects lately and feeling the need to document them. So I begin.

For starters:
  • a cake recipe. I found a great chocolate cake recipe and I'm trying to convert it to a lemony/vanilla cake. I have not had success yet, but I have gotten pretty good at making seven minute frosting.

  • patchwork circle skirts for the boozle. Following a tutorial from Just Tutes, I made a sundress and I retrofitted a pair of ripped overalls with a skirt.

  • I'm improvising a knit sundress, also for the boozle.

  • I made appliqued blackout curtains from a pair of $15 Ikea curtains.

  • I'm plotting out a homemade play-kitchen, after seeing how much the nice wood ones cost today. Mine will use ReStore and basement odds and ends. The plan is in development.

  • I made a quilted tummy time mat for a friend's baby shower, complete with rattly toys that clip on to the mat.

These are the projects that are coming to mind that I will chronicle. I might also include work-related projects, like the screen-capture tutorials I'm working on. I'll describe them, add photos of course, and even try to detail a how-to if I can muster it.

This i pledge.
(fingers crossed.)

I do believe I will wait till I've posted at least one of these projects in its entirety before telling anyone about this blog.

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